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Design & 

King's Construction's design services allow clients to eliminate their responsibility of coordinating between architect, engineer and construction manager, allowing them to focus on running their business while we handle the rest. We offer a single contract that will cover all of your architectural, engineering and construction needs. Our turnkey design solutions cover all areas of design and construction, saving you time and money with your project.



During the early stages of project development, King's Construction collaborates with the client to identify project goals and facilitates a design process with those goals in mind. Budgets, schedules and engineering plans are coordinated for efficiency, and construction can often begin before the design is complete.


Procurement & Funding

King's Construction has established cutting-edge methods to actively manage the project, controlling cost and schedule while maximizing value against investments made on the project.


Our approach ensures top quality staff on-site to plan and execute day-to-day activities.


Each project has a dedicated Project Manager, a team of superintendents, engineers and registered subcontractors. The executive-level management along with the accounting and procurement teams also provide support on all projects.


Construction Development

King's Constructions goal is to make the construction process effortless and “boring” for the owner. We accomplish this by properly managing the details and continually looking ahead to the next milestone. RFI’s, submittals, change requests and weekly reporting are integrated into our powerful project management software, and each project follows a standardized work flowchart and utilizes a strong back-office that provides continuity throughout the entire process.




King's Construction's Project Completion program delivers proper training, documentation and warranties to each client. A detailed checklist ensures client satisfaction, and each project is provided with important tools for longevity and value maintenance.

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